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The Future Success of Sony Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

The Future Success of Sony - Essay Example One of the main market segments, where Sony is still the market leader, is the gaming market. But competitors are soon catching up and it needs to innovate and make its But competitors are soon catching up and it needs to innovate and make its PlayStation better as competitors. Microsoft and Nintendo have already released their next generation consoles and it is high time that Sony releases its and makes the experience far better than the previous ones. The portable music player is another segment that the company has lost its market share, mainly to competitor Apple. In order to regain its market share, it has to come up with a new and innovative product that is more than just a music player. Instead of competing directly with iPod, Sony must try coming up with a product that is going to shake up the segment, like it has done with Walkman years ago or for matter for of fact Apple has done with iPod. It needs to reinvent itself in the television market as dominance in this market will result in an increase in demand for other products also. As it failed to identify the potential in the LCD market, it is now trying to play catch up. Instead, it must try coming up with next-generation televisions which is better than the LCDs. There are other segments to where the company needs to implement product innovation if it has to justice to the brand name it has achieved and replicate the success of the past. One of the major strengths of Sony us that it is considered to be a premium brand by consumers as it has gained the reputation of producing high quality, technically superior, innovative and reliable products. Hence, products coming out of it are generally considered by the consumers to be among the best. Like Apple, it is also a lifestyle brand which means that consumers take pride in owning Sony products. This is a great platform for the company to market and sell its products. The main weakness of the company is the brand image that it has acquired in the recent past. It is now seen as the shadow of its past successes. It has been criticised for not tapping new opportunities and failing to innovate. The company was once a market leader/innovator but now has become a follower. Its overall financial performance has not been encouraging to shareholders.

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Characters and Plot in the Black Gold Essay Example for Free

Characters and Plot in the Black Gold Essay It is not so frequent to find a novel written with an animal as the main character and the story revolving primarily around him. Nevertheless, there are writers like Marguerite Henry who writes animal stories with so much fascination and passion, one of which is the Black Gold. It was based on true-to-life experiences set during the early 1990s in Oklahoma and Kentucky. Mixing her vast knowledge about the topic and her creative talent in writing, Marguerite Henry was able to weave a story with extraordinary characters confronted with extraordinary conflicts. Brief Summary The story evolved in the story of a colt named Black Gold, following his adventures being a race horse. He was regarded by many as weak and not good in racing since he possesses a smaller body compared to other horses. But through the help of his trainer Hanley Webb and rider Jaydee Mooney, the colt started to win and finally gained victory in the Kentucky Derby. His success continued to flourish until he got injured in one of the races he joined. His leg got a quarter crack. Eventually, the colt died. Black Gold was given a burial in the middle of a field in New Orleans. Analysis of the Characters Being an animal is not a reason to live a life less simple. It is very much evident in the story of Black Gold. His life is consisted of complex occurrences that can be considered as more intricate when compared to lives of other people. His birth was a product of a dream. Al Hoots, the owner of Black Gold’s mother named U-See-It, dreamt that if he will breed U-See-It to a leading sire, the mare shall give birth to the horse that will win in the Kentucky Derby. As a result, Hoots tried to mate U-See-It to a stallion named Black Toney. The money Hoots used came from the oil that during that time was being excavated from their land in Oklahoma. Here is where the name Black Gold originated. Among the individuals who imparted time and dedication to Black Gold was his rider Jaydee Mooney. Jaydee Mooney was the one who initially believed in the capacity and talent of Black Gold: â€Å" †¦us Mooneys always try. We do our best†¦Ã¢â‚¬  ( p. 108). However, his spirit was pushed into limits when Black Gold got injured several days before the Derby: It was the first loss for the team of Black Gold and Jaydee Mooney. Was it the soreness in his foot showing up again-the same trouble hed had the week before the Derby? (p. 143). Nevertheless, Jaydee Mooney proved to be not only as a rider but a friend as well to Black Gold, especially when the horse died. Analysis of the Plot Since the book was based from true stories and actual experiences, Marguerite Henry wrote it by narrating events in chronological order. Although written in this manner, the book is not boring and dragging to read. It is because the plot itself is a compelling one that catches and drawn immediately the attention of its readers. She used literary devices so as to show her creativity and mastery in handling and writing a topic such as that presented in the book. Henry was also successful in presenting transition of events. Every chapter in the book promises a more interesting and intense happenings from previous events and chapters. In addition, Henry was effective in inflicting transitional devices that guide the readers while reading. The use of illustrations in the book helped in the proper interpretation of events in the story since the readers will be carefully guided while going on through the story. However, the use of these illustrations somehow gives an impression that Black Gold is a children’s book. But all in all, the story’s plot, as well as the book in general, was a well- crafted depiction of an extraordinary tale. Reference Henry, M. ( 1957). Black Gold. Illinois: Rand McNally

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Sintering in Fluidized Bed :: essays papers

Sintering in Fluidized Bed Processes for cleaner and more efficient energy generation from feed stocks such as coals, lignites, peats, and waste liquors use fluidized beds that are operated at high temperatures and pressures. These processes involve systems that are multi-phase and have complex chemical reactions. Research work has tackled a number of aspects, including mechanical engineering aspects of the reactors, reaction chemistry and products, characterization and physical properties of the ash, fouling by ash deposits and the phenomenon of defluidization by agglomeration or sintering of the ash particles. It is with this latter aspect, the phenomenon of defluidization, that this contribution is concerned. Defluidization is also a problem in a number of other elevated temperature fluidized bed production processes, including size enlargement by agglomeration, fluidized bed processes for poly-olefin production and metallurgical processes. Defluidization occurs when the particles in the bed adhere. When two particles touch, material at the point of contact migrates forming a neck that is strong enough to withstand the disruptive forces in the fluidized bed. Two categories of adhesion can be discerned. The first type is visco-plastic sintering and it occurs with glassy materials. With these materials, migration is limited by the ability of the material to flow. With increasing temperature the viscosity of the material is reduced and hence the material flows and the size of the neck is increased. At some point, the necks are sufficiently large and strong enough to cause defluidization. The second type occurs when a large quantity of liquid is formed by melting or by chemical reaction. With an increase in temperature, a phase boundary may be crossed bring about rapid defluidization. The liquid formed has a relatively low viscosity and defluidization is caused by the amount of liquid present. This section will primarily f ocus on visco-plastic sintering. Model systems, in which chemical reactions do not occur, have been used to investigate the relationship between process conditions and the tendency to defluidize due to visco-plastic sintering. Materials used have included low-density ploy-ethylene and poly-propylene, soda glasses, metals, and inorganic crystalline salts. Under sintering conditions, the fluidizing velocity has to be increased above the minimum fluidizing velocity, Umf, to a higher velocity, U; at which pronounced bubbling occurs. A fluidizing velocity, Umfs, may be defined as a velocity just sufficient to prevent sintering. This characterizes a different fluidization state from Umf, since the in the latter the bed is in an expanded but not bubbling state.

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Corporate Identity: the Concept, Its Measurement and Management

â€Å"Corporate identity: the concept, its measurement and management† by van Riel, Cees B. M. and John M. T. Balmer (1997) tries to clarify the complex concept of corporate identity. The authors review three main developments in the topic that are graphic design paradigm, integrated communication paradigm and interdisciplinary paradigm. The article also describes corporate identity management and various methods that can be used to reveal the actual corporate identity such as laddering technique and the Rotterdam Organizational Identification Test. However, according to the authors, the problem in establishing the desired corporate identity is that available methods were developed for the positioning of product brands rather than the corporate brand. The authors conclude that a favorable corporate identity is one of an organization’s most important assets and for that reason is worthy of constant management attention. I think a great example of how important the corporate identity is for the overall organizational success is the Muzak case in Argenti’s book Chapter 4. In 1997 the company was so insecure about its own identity that its business cards and trucks often looked more like the vendors’ identities than its own. Feature article about  Production Management Also the brand looked different in every region and even between franchisees and sales offices. The company was losing cash, had horrible corporate culture and negative growth. Developing a unifying symbol for the company (that went on everything from business cards to trade shows and sales materials) and bringing Muzak’s brand message to a new level, helped the company to restore its confidence, to change public perception, to grow financially and to attract both new clients and new talented employees. I think that the case illustrates how an appropriate or outdated corporate identity can damage firm’s financial performance and company’s success. Thus, management should not overlook the importance of the corporate identity but rather learn how to shape and manage company’s identity and differentiate the company through it.

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The Aurora Borealis Essay - 903 Words

The Aurora Borealis is made when storms on the the sun form solar winds, or large streams of charged particles streaming toward the earth.These streams could have upward of ten million megawatts of electrical power. That is enough power to light up Los Angeles. It generally takes about three days for these streams of particles to reach the earths upper atmosphere, or ionosphere. When these charged particles hit the earths atmosphere, they excite the atoms contained in the atmosphere. These excited atoms have a higher energy state that usual and so want to get back to a more normal energy state. The excited atoms give off excess energy in the form of heat, or the case of the Aurora Borealis, light. The trillions of excited atoms give off†¦show more content†¦Ionic Nitrogen produces the blue light and neutral Nitrogen gives off the red-purple and the rippled edges. Imagine if the atmosphere were made of Neon gas and Sodium gas. We would see red-orange and yellow auroras! The aurora can be seen most strongly at the poles of the Earth. In the north, it is called Aurora Borealis and in the south, it is called Aurora Australias. Of the two poles, the aurora can be seen the strongest near the arctic circle in the Northern Hemisphere. The reason that the Aurora can only be seen at the poles has to do with how the Earths magnetic field acts. The Earth has a metal core and acts much like a bar magnet with two poles and a magnetic field. Remember those charged particles that come from the sun and hit the atmosphere? Those charged particles get sucked into the Earths magnetic field and are then channeled toward the poles, where they are channelled toward a ring around each pole. The charged particles are trapped in the loops of the magnetic field and are then carried toward the poles, where the particles hit the atmosphere and create the aurora that we see. Is the aurora only found on Earth? No, not by any stretch of the imagination. Recently, scientists discovered that Jupiter has its own aurora. Using the Hubble Telescope, they were able to find out more about this phenomenon. They found that the aurora on Jupiter is notShow MoreRelatedHow Aurora Borealis Works : Statement Of The Problem1906 Words   |  8 PagesAdeline Soekawan SID: 913210615 ENG 10 December 10, 2015 How Aurora Borealis Works Statement of the problem Harmful particles and rays, such as detritus, radiation, and magnetic waves from outer space are constantly bombarding Earth. Solar wind, a rapidly moving stream of electrons and protons from the Sun, is accountable for stripping away ions such as hydrogen and oxygen from a planet’s atmosphere, releasing them into space. The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen being removed from a planet’s surfaceRead More The Sun and Its Features Essay967 Words   |  4 Pageselectrically charged ions and electrons on the sun, and if it didnt exist, the sun would be a much more boring star. The 11-year cycle of the suns magnetic field accounts for many of the cool features of the sun: sunspots, solar flares, and aurora borealis. At the beginning of the cycle, the magnetic field is weak and there are very few sunspots; later, at the peak of the cycle, the magnetic field is strong, and there are many sunspots. Sunspots are relatively cool areas that appear as dark patchesRead MoreStock and Outs tanding Shares1192 Words   |  5 Pagesdirectors to undertake the recapitalization? Management Summary Active Investor Strategy Blanka Dobrynin is a managing partner of the Aurora Borealis Company. The company utilizes a strategy called â€Å"Active Investor† in which the firm indentifies companies that could benefit from restructuring and then invests heavily in the company’s stock. Aurora Borealis must convince management and directors that restructuring will benefit the company and its stock holders. Wrigley has virtually no debtRead More John Dalton Biography Essay966 Words   |  4 Pagesdistrict in which he lived. He then became interested in preparing collections of botanical and insect species. Stimulated by a spectacular aurora display in 1788, he began observations about aurora phenomena - luminous, sometimes coloured displays in the sky caused by electrical disturbances in the atmosphere. His writings on the aurora borealis reveal independent thinking unhampered by the conclusions of others. As Dalton himself notes, Having been in my progress so often misled Read MoreThe Mysterious Night Essay594 Words   |  3 Pagesappearance that looks very mysterious. The white streams of the cascade look parallel to others, forming one straight line. But with a make-up, lasers from a circular building, they boost up its gorgeous streams more beautiful, which remind me of Aurora Borealis in skies around North Pole. Also around the river, there are green lights that symmetrically located on the edges as if they are guarding and regulating traffic to river. The â€Å"castle† of the lights looks modernized with red roofs and big and shinyRead MoreWilliam Wrigley Jr. Company: Capital Structure1219 Words   |  5 Pagesexamines how Blanka Dobrynin, managing partner at Aurora Borealis, explores the opportunity to persuade Wrigley’s board to complete a leveraged recapitalization through a dividend or major share repurchase. Through her active investor strategy, Blanca i s trying to increase the value of investment in Wrigley. Blanca’s objective would be to create ultimately new value in Wm. Wrigley Jr. corporation and thus increase the value of Aurora Borealis’ initial investment in the firm. As a result ofRead MoreHow Does The Color Of The Lights?1437 Words   |  6 Pagesfocus on examining. Everyone has at least to some extent, an idea of what the northern lights are. Dancing colorful lights in the sky that appear mostly in the top of bottom hemisphere of the earth, however very few people truly know what the aurora borealis are or even less, how they are formed. Every now and then, on the surface of the sun, a solar flare is conceived as a result of which electrons and protons are blown towards earth by something called â€Å"solar winds†. These solar protons and electronsRead MoreHello Cruel World I Hate Studying855 Words   |  4 Pagesconvince Wrigley’s directors to undertake the recapitalization? Management Summary Active Investor Strategy Blanka Dobrynin is a managing partner of the Aurora Borealis Company. The company utilizes a strategy called â€Å"Active Investor†. In this strategy, the firm looks for companies that could benefit from restructuring. Aurora Borealis then invests heavily in the company’s stock. The next step is to convince management that a restructuring will benefit the company and its stock holders. TheRead MoreStock and Outstanding Shares1575 Words   |  7 PagesIt will also illustrate the effect of WACC in a B/BB environment. Active Investor Strategy Blanka Dobrynin is a managing partner of the Aurora Borealis Company. The company utilizes a strategy called â€Å"Active Investor† in which the firm identifies companies that could benefit from restructuring and then invests heavily in the company’s stock. Aurora Borealis must convince management and directors that restructuring will benefit the company and its stock holders. Wrigley has virtually no debt.Read MoreFinance and Company1383 Words   |  6 Pages Situation Aurora Borealis LLC is a hedge fund that has around $ 3 billion under management and they are currently targeting William Wrigley Jr. Company to make their next investment. William Wrigley Jr. Company is the biggest chewing gum manufacturer in the world and it has no debt yet. Aurora Borealis is trying to convince Wrigley to do a leveraged recapitalization through a dividend or share repurchase

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Biography of classmate - Jim Brooks - 1483 Words

Jim Brooks: The Baseball Player I am a nerd! was the answer of Jim Brooks upon being asked How would you describe yourself?. Sitting sideways at her desk, Mrs. Gatewood laughed as she talked to another student. The others in the background appeared engaged in their own excited conversations about who did what at the mall. Jim, on the other hand, looked down at his questionnaire and wondered How long would this really take? I looked at him and he signaled me to come to the back seats. Wearily walking to the back, Jim pulled up the sleeves of his yellow polo shirt and sat down on the chair. It was 1:19 pm and the temperature was around 60 degrees Fahrenheit as I could feel the cold air, through the opened crack in the glass window,†¦show more content†¦In addition, Jim has many hobbies and interests, which include playing sports and collecting miniatures. With the volleyball season approaching, he wishes to tryout for the volleyball team of our school. His favorite sports include baseball, which he has been playing since the past 9 years and soccer, which has been his favorite sport since kindergarten. In his free time, he also prefers to play racquetball and golf. On being questioned about his hobbies, the athlete replies, I have 6000 baseball cards. Jim has had the passion for collecting miniatures, baseball cards and autographs since he was a kid. His favorite baseball player is Barry Bonds of the Giants team. Im sort of crazy so I have 3 posters of him, one of which is life size, in my room, three plaques with cards, and an autographed ball with his signature. I also make a good babysitter he said when we talked about his jobs; he likes to baby-sit his neighbor, little Sam. The money that he earns from his day to day job is spent on video games and all kinds of DVDs. As a result, Jim is a good athlete, who is interested in baseball and collections of miniatures. After discussing his hobbies and family life, I learned about the favorites of this Science Award winner. Jim is highly interested in Japanese culture and believes Its authentic and really cool. He loves to eat Japanese food, especially sushi with rice; which is indeed a mouth watering dish. His favoriteShow MoreRelatedLangston Hughes Research Paper25309 Words   |  102 Pagesfather, Jim Hughes, in Toluca, Mexico. Langston had not seen his father since he was a small child, and he was excited about making the trip. However, during this visit, no affectionate bond would develop between Langston and Jim. Jim Hughes was a cold, difficult man, who was driven by ambition to make money and achieve respect. He had moved to Mexico to avoid segregation and racial injustice in the United States. As the manager of an electric company and owner of a ranch and mines, Jim expressedRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall3 93164 Words   |  1573 PagesBochenek, Elmhurst College Alicia Boisnier, State University of New York William H. Bommer, Cleveland State University Bryan Bonner, University of Utah Jessica Bradley, Clemson University Dr. Jerry Bream, Empire State College/ Niagara Frontier Center Jim Breaugh, University of Missouri Peggy Brewer, Eastern Kentucky University Deborah Brown, North Carolina State University Reginald Bruce, University of Louisville Jeff Bruns, Bacone College Pamela Buckle, Adelphi University Patricia Buhler, Goldey-BeacomRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pagesof Trustees. What will you plan to say to Mr. Dewey? Now switch roles and imagine that you are Melvil Dewey. How would you justify your actions to the board? The information for this case was taken from Wayne A. Wiegand, Irrepressible Reformer: A Biography of Melvil Dewey (Chicago: American Library Association, 1996), chap. 4. tHe HuManistic aPProacH During the 1930s, management studies began to give more attention to the concerns of individuals working in organizations. No longer were workers

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Jfk, An American Thriller Directed By Oliver Stone

JFK, an American thriller directed by Oliver Stone, arrived in theaters in December of 1991. The movie scrutinizes the series of events that culminated in the shooting of President John F. Kennedy and the ensuing cover-up perceived through the eyes of former New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, who is played by renowned American actor, Kevin Costner. Some years following President Kennedy’s assassination, Jim Garrison filed charges against New Orleans entrepreneur Clay Shaw, who is played by actor Tommy Lee Jones. Clay Shaw was accused of allegedly conspiring against and contributing to a plot to murder President John F. Kennedy, for which Lee Harvey Oswald, portrayed by Gary Oldman, was found to be the assassin by two government†¦show more content†¦JFK was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won two awards, one for best cinematography and the other for best film editing. The opening of the film starts off with media footage, including the farewell address in 1961 of outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower warning about the build-up of the military-industrial complex. Following thereafter, a summary of John F. Kennedy’s years as president, emphasizing the events that, in Stone s thesis, would lead up to his assassination. As the movie progresses it builds to a reconstruction of the assassination on November 22, 1963. New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison had doubts about the events that led up to and followed John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Garrison learned about possible leads that could have participated in the assassination of Kennedy through mutual acquaintances but he and his team were forced to abandon further investigation into those leads because Lee Harvey Oswald was detained as the assassin that killed the President. Unfortunately, before any real truth could be revealed about Oswald’s part in the assassination he wa s shot and killed by Jack Ruby. After Lee Harvey Oswald was killed, Jack Ruby was detained by the FBI and was not allowed to have visitors. Jim Garrison and his team decided to cease the investigation despite the fact that they felt uneasy about how the events revolved around President Kennedy’s